Founded in 2013, ACTIMOR LLC. Offers start-up ideas to small businesses consulting services in all departments & incorporation filing.

Ohio Incorporating: Want to protect yourself with an Ohio corporation? We can set your business up within a week.

Start-Up Focus: We understand start up's and can help you make a company successful. We can help if you’re at the Idea stage, business plan writing, funding, or startup phase.

Entrepreneur Focus: We focus on the needs of the entrepreneur with logo creation, business planning, website design and flow, target market, pricing, distribution, human resources, hiring, firing, pro forma projections, typical accounting setup, marketing, social media, crowdfunding, angel investors, seed funding, and more.

We cover every modern business process that is being used in business around the country. Other areas of expertise include online marketing, sales, social media marketing, entrepreneurship, lean start-up model, & crypto (mining, altcoins, DeFi).

Call us today and one of our representatives will be happy to offer a solution for you!

VBE Busines Enterprise

As a veteran-owned business, we offer special discounts to service members that want to create their own business.